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ESSENCE Podcast Network

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

A lead destination for audio storytelling for Black women

UnBossed Podcast


Launch a podcast network with a 5-show programming slate, and deliver downloads in the top 20% percentile, within 6 months.


In 2018, based on the current success of Yes, Girl! Podcast. We were tasked with scaling our podcast programming, and increasing our visibility within the media space. With nearly 750,000 existing podcasts in the marketplace, the challenge was to create something that was noticeable, and connected to our audience.


Leverage internal talent and resources to manage costs, and identify categories that already attract large engagement on our other media platforms. Logistically, we staggered a production rollout and soft launch that delivered a new show every quarter, throughout 2019. This allowed us to build and nurture audiences. Only after we proved consistency and gained their trust did we tease new shows. Talent selection, content integration, and topic balance were key contributors to meeting goals.


By Q4 2019, half of our new show slate consistently delivered downloads in the top 20% percentile, another show delivered downloads in the top 10% percentile.

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