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Yes, Girl! Podcast

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

A 2X Webby Award Nominated Podcast. Now in it's forth year, with 5 million downloads, and growing


Grow a fairly new podcast into a monetizable media product.


Lean staffing and resources created grassroots opportunity, as well as promotion obstacles.


Develop a three-prong approach that (a) built industry and press visibility (b) increased content value (c) expanded our storytelling potential. Successfully aligning our strategy with other internal goals, elevated the product’s value to stakeholders and opened doors for more resources. We introduced sponsorable segments, create integrated content packages that leveraged all of our media platforms (social, video, and website), and submitted our best work for industry recognition.


The show’s awareness increased through page impressions, video views and social engagement and podcast downloads. The show increased its month-over-month benchmark by 20%, moving it to the top 2% percentile, and securing more than a 70% year-over-year growth increase.

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